I’ve been sniffling & coughing nbd for the past month since rush week, thanks to my roomie MELANIE. After 12 hours of sleep Monday night, I woke up Tuesday afternoon with a high fever, sore throat, and cold sweat chills. I went to Powell to study & at the end of the day I headed back to my room about to pass out from the high fever. Before bed I took some Nyquil which didn’t help. I got up at 9 AM Wednesday morning feeling worse than the night before. I nearly fainted when my vision went black twice when I walked to work. I went to the Ashe center to see a doctor and he told me I most likely had a viral infection. He diagnosed me with strep throat, gave me antibiotics, and told me not to do anything for halloween and just rest & drink a shit ton of water/gatorade. I’m not telling my mom about my sickness because she’s just gonna lecture me about not taking care of myself and accuse me of drinking and doing too much drugs -___- but i’m back home in LA so she could make me better yay lol

midterms week = scrub week

no time to get ready in the morning because i’m too tired from studying until the sun comes up..

rush has tired me out so much. i think i’ve aged 10 years from lack of sleep.

the cast of workaholics is coming to UCLA for a Q&A on october 15 fuuuuuuuu can’t wait.

there’s a middle aged man who wears a worn out white tee and khaki shorts that wanders down my street around 2 PM every day with a shopping cart full of things shouting out “BAARRAAHHH.” he does this every. single. day. 

i was doing some late night crafting. i pulled out my glue gun and noticed that the trigger was jammed so the glue wouldn’t come out. so i improvised and just pushed the glue out using another glue stick. 15 minutes in, the little shitty ass glue gun starts making popping noises and sparks fucking started coming out of the hole where the glue stick is supposed to go in and i’m like oh fuck shit so i throw it on the floor but i’m like what if the carpet catches on fire?! so i unplug it and run outside to my backyard and throw that shit on the ground hard. a bunch of smoke started coming out of it and i was like fuck you glue gun and went back inside.

Im going into the field of psychology because i want to get paid to professionally judge someone lol

can it get cold already so i can wear knit cardigans and big scarves omg like ugh is that too much to ask for 

just finished reading book one of the fifty shades trilogy and after reading the last few pages I thought… well that escalated quickly…. LOL. I almost cried in the heat of the moment when Ana left. can’t wait to read book two and three!!

I woke up at noon today and the first thing i did was check my email. I get an email from my clinician telling me that I need to get my heart checked by a cardiologist. reason being ‘cause she took my vitals earlier that week and said my heart beats per minute was too damn high. alright so I try to explain to her that the raised heart rate is  probably cause I fuckin’ ran there since I was 5 minutes late for the appointment. She says, alright… i’ll check your heart rate again. two minutes later she comes to check it and says it only went down slightly. no shit, you just checked it a minute ago, my heart rate isn’t going to slow down that fast bitch. so she’s like sorry, gotta refer you to a cardiologist. so i’m like the fuck. alright so then I call the cardiologist for an appointment and the lady on the phone tells me there are none ‘til next quarter or somethin’. so at this point i’m like fuck this what do I do. and she says to ask my clinician who referred me to refer me to somewhere else. so I email the nurse who refferred me and got an auto response email saying that she’s gone and won’t be back until september. alright, fuck her. so I schedule an appointment with a different clinician at 4 pm the same day. I made sure I had enough time to walk there so I wouldn’t have a fast heart rate again. I take the metro for two fucking hours for a 30 minute appointment and in the end, my new clinician says, you’re totally fine. and when I asked her about the raised heart rate last time, she’s like, probably due to the fact that you ran here. -___- then I take the bus back for two more hours and some middle aged dip shit grabs my ass. I officially hate the ashe center and public transportation.

as many of you do or do not know, I lost my phone one night like, two months ago. i’ve been too lazy to buy a new phone and the fact that all my cards and shit were gone too didn’t help. today i finally bought a new smartphone. I wanted to “upgrade” from a sidekick but none of the phones on the T-mobile site looked appealing. I want a smartphone that is made for an avid texter AKA wid a qwerty, son. so i just bought the sidekick 4g again for 170 bucks on ebay. it’s not that great but i don’t have much money to spend and i like the physical keyboard. i’m happy to finally be mobile again so i can uh text them cute guys, ya’ know? ;) lol. jk i don’t have friends. WHEEEEE SIDEKICK HERE I COME!

Why I can’t have red hair:

1. it’s a bitch to re-dye my hair every WEEK. in the process of dying: it gets EVERYWHERE, looks like I KILLED someone with my BARE HANDS,  and STAINS like a motherfucker.

2. Buying hair dyes up the ass = broke ass bitch.

2. I have to wash my hair everyday or at least every other day and having red hair means I should only wash it like 2 times a week (the color fades with every wash), which is not happening.

3. I style my hair with products (which causes my color to fade since the products stick to my hair color and washes it out when I shower).

4. I WANT TO GO OUT INTO THE SUN. but avoid it because it will cause fading.

I know I should probably do things to preserve my hair color like: washing it with red color shielding shampoo, not washing it everyday, adding hair dye to my conditioner, etc. but fuck that, it’s too much trouble.

so quick update about my first week of summer school. i’m taking chem and stats which are prereqs for my major. I’ve finally decided on what I want to major in after a year of being undeclared. since i want to eventually become a nutritionist and/or advocate for animal rights/healthier food, i’ll be double majoring in psychology and business economics/economics. majoring in business and/or getting a MBA will make me stand out when looking for a job. its summer sesh and the classes are more accelerated than 10 week quarter classes. essentially i’ll be taught like a whole quarters worth of material in 5 weeks and have finals on the sixth week. i think i’m doing alright for both classes as of now. on friday, thao and lisa came up at like 11 pm and mel, thao, lisa and I went to boba bear to hookah + drink boba. then ate some BCD tofu house after. we came back to mel’s apartment & slept. later the next day we had an hour long drive all the way to Chino Hills for an exchange. on sunday I basically slept the whole day away and today i’m going to go into Westwood to participate in a psychology experiment about hearing voices in exchange for $20 which i will use to buy food because i am starving in my apartment lol. true college life right hur.

this is coming out of nowhere, but fuck, i’ve changed so much since coming to college. Looking back at a photo of me before and after my first year of college is like wtf hella. Although my appearance has changed drastically, in retrospect, I feel like the person I am today reflects the person I’ve always wanted to be. i’m just doin’ my own thing and not giving a fuck what people think.